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Pastasuta’s Story

Once upon a time...

Our story

Pastasuta was born from an idea of ​​Fulvia, who ran the family’s pharmacy for years but then decided to follow her passion: cucinare. The idea took place in Padova (Italia) in 2008, starting from the desire to found a 100% Italian fresh pasta shop to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers who required a healthy, balanced and dynamic diet. She started a collaboration with Italgi, an Italian brand that produces pasta machines such as pasta extruders, pasta mixers and ravioli making machines.

The unconditional “amore” for the food raw materials such as wheat fully involved her, and she was able to transfer these exciting emotions to her clients using her pasta like an artist.

And… sì, you can do it, with pasta!

After setting up her first pasta laboratory in the city center, a small one but suitable for production and to host some cooking classes every now and then, Fulvia understood the quality of her products but, above all, the qualities that she herself possesses. She was able to enchant through food. Many people from Padova and tourists started to ask for cooking courses in order to learn how to make pasta “come Fulvia la fa”.

In 2010 this shop started to appear too small to satisfy customer requests. Fulvia, therefore, decided that it was time to aim high. She opened a second shop, an Italian gastronomy shop, in which she was selling fresh pasta and everything which revolves around the world of pasta: pasta, sughi, lasagne, ravioli, torte salate and much more. 

In 2012, continuing her momentum, she decided to get bigger and opened a shop in a traditional food area of the north of Italy called Sotto il Salone a Padova, at the number35, in the most ancient indoor food market of Europe (in the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 2021). A market where, straight from the entrance, you can feel the scents of the ingredients of the “buona cucina”, “formaggi”, “carne” and, finally, fresh pasta.

The citizens of Padova, historical customers of Sotto Il Salone, answered with enthusiasm. Thus, precisely to meet their needs, the production of high gastronomy was implemented using only local food raw materials with special attention to seasonality.

In the meantime, in the big cities, the need for quality meals was growing. Especially for workers, students or even tourists who needed to use their lunch break to eat something healthy, dynamic, and yummy not the standard sandwich or the microwave-heated pasta. From there a new idea was born. It was the opportunity to implement it: the first takeaway restaurant of Sotto il Salone in Padua.

In 2018 Fulvia then opened the takeaway. She invested in a kitchen counter that allowed her to cook on the spot the exact same products that she was selling in the gastronomy shop. The PASTASUTA brand was officially born in the historical center of the city of Padua. Soon this became one of the milestones of the city to eat something quick, fresh, Italian and prepared on the spot! It was a success but something was still missing.

People were asking for a restaurant. Fulvia then decided to risk everything and, in 2019, she opened a larger shop where she could also offer food served at the table. The restaurant was inspired by ancient Italian culinary traditions, adding a touch of innovation. A restaurant that serves fresh pasta and sauces of the day, fresh seasonal ravioli, lasagne that follow the taste and colors of the stagioni. Customers could finally sit down and have the opportunity to be served at their table for a quick lunch break at the right price, but also with great quality.

The practicality of Pastasuta? The pasta is cooked in 4 minutes and then, in a maximum of 10 minutes from the order, the dish is served on the table. From this moment Pastasuta became the center of the “ristorazione a base di pasta” for the entire city of Padova. People are in love with the cuisine of Pastasuta, in love with the products, in love with the same speed of a fast-food restaurant but with the quality of a high-end restaurant.

He works as a chef in Italy and then decides to export his experience to the city of fashion and love: Paris. And here we are with Pastasuta Paris, ready to satisfy every desire you may have with 100% Italian fresh pasta.

Her son Alvise, after his graduation in economics and some experiences abroad, understood that Italian products are loved, much loved, especially around the world.

He then decided to follow his mother’s path and became the chef of  Padova’s restaurant for a while. He gathered experience, and skills and decided that Paris, the city of fashion and love, will be the city from which he wanted to start the expansion of the brand in Europe. So here we are, with a restaurant in the center of Paris, in the 4ème, in front of the hotel de Ville, near one of the most important streets in the city, Rue de Rivoli. And here we are with Pastasuta Paris, ready to satisfy every desire you may have with 100% Italian fresh pasta. Ecco a voi Pastasuta Paris!

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